The service of IT system consultation and construction

n order that enterprises can run efficiently at the best productivity in their operation and management, it is essential for them to own a sufficiently strong, modern, well-standard and safe IT infrastructure. Therefore, we would like to offer the IT construction consulting service to coordinatively perform the appropriate IT investment route and bring the best effectiveness to valuable customers. With the most updated technology, we are guaranteed to offer you the effective IT solutions at the lowest cost.



We are one of the most professional leading companies in providing the IT system consultation and construction service.

In addition, we have implemented network services, telephone, PABX server, wifi, security monitoring devices for which many customers appreciate our reputation of quality and warranty services.


  • To save time, cost and effort.
  • To be intergrated with the most advanced and suitable technology.
  • To be supported for the most professional design consultations.
  • To be supported for the future expansion.



  2. Survey conduction & information recording from customers

- The purposes and requirements of equipment use from customers.

- Survey conduction for the sites, building structures and positions for equipment installation.

- Conditions and material quality for construction (cable, pipes…) and any condition affecting the system (electricity, environment,...)

  1. Detailed designs:

- The detailed technicial design of the system for the applicable devices s(quotations, technicial charateristics, period of warranty), installation layout…

- The number of materials and attached accessories.

- The period of system construction.


  2. Construction for cable and network system:

- Deploying the routing equipment (plastic pipes, band, wire …)

- Deploying the cable and network system in exact compliance with the design layout.

- Marking the cable wires and connecting with the concentrator (Swich, Router, Firewall...).

- Connecting all the devices (computers, peripheral device) with the network system.

  1. Installation for network system:

- Group division for VLAN users (dividing the system into clients).             

- Router configuration, Routing Protocols, load-balancing...

- Firewall configuration, creating DMZ for server..

- Installing the operating system for server.

- Installing Protocols and network services.

- Creating the user groups.

- Creating the accounts for users.

- User decentralization  

- Installing the program of network application.

- Installing the Protocols for Clients.

- Creating the accounts for Clients.

- Sharing the computing resources with Clients.



  1. System acceptance and hand-over

- Checking the system compatibility and stability.

- Doing the acceptance for the system transferring the files and devices (warranty tickets, payment bills…).

- Doing the hand-over for the contracts of designs, installation and network layout.

  1. Guidelines for system use and training: