The service of IT system management

ue to business expansion, the IT system necessarily meets the higher and higher aims proposed by the organization to improve the service quality for customers. The challenge imposed on enterprises and companies is the way how the IT system guarantees both the operation and the quality of all trading activities. More extensively, IT should become the competitive foundation of trading service among different organizations, enterprises.




  • Monitoring and managing the operating systems, databases, middlewares, and business applications.
  • Automatic back-up, user management and upgrading.
  • Correction and prevention, storage maintenance, network, hardware operation for the server.


  • To reduce IT costs & to maximize payback period (only pay for the services you need & predictable monthly costs with related adjustments).
  • Not to switch your existing infrastructure (unless you ask).
  • To improve the productivity.
  • To minimizie and to manage risks in all activities.
  • To take advantage of global source costs but on the local presence.


  • Information technology advances much rapidly compared with investment.
  • Obstacles in recruiting, training and retaining well-qualified IT officers.
  • Reducing costs by out-sourcing and focusing on main projects and business strategies. 
  • Costs and obstacles in 24/7 support.
  • IT environment getting complicated in infrastructure, operation and management.
  • Focusing completely on the major business to improve the profitability, efficiency and competitivenesss