Lan network – Wifi implementation service

or all internal issues in the enterprises, we are in need for information exchange, mutual updating and use of mutual database such as human resource, finance, technicial materials, technology, information on clients and partners…

To meet the above requirements, it should be a priority to have PC system to connect the internal PC together with internet network connection.





The construction of wireless LANs is extremely requisite for the outbreak and increasingly high demands in the current mobile market.

A LAN network needs at least the server, the connected devices (Repeater, Hub, Switch, Bridge), Clients, Network Interface Card (NIC) and cable to connect computers together.

Wifi is a wireless network capable of getting connection with other networks or link to computers over radio waves. It is of faster operation and wider range than Bluetooth.

A man with wifi - installed devices such as computers, phones or PDAs can access the Internet in case of his current position near the hotspot.

Wi-fi runs at two speeds: With the standard of 802.11b, the data exchange speed should be 11Mbps and with the standard of 802.11g, the speed should reach 54 Mbps.


The factors for wireless LAN network installation


+ Target customers                                        + Trial prior to real implementation

+ Guarantee for specialized knowledge         + The best security mechanism

+ The purpose of use                                    + The demand for bandwith

+ The standard of wireless network               + The ability of network coverage

+ Wave interference                                      + The choice of manufacturers


The typical LAN network system is built on modern technology with the use of IP switching or Ethernet, including three following scopes:


+ Large-sized network system (Enterprise): with more than 1000 network nodes.

+ Medium-sized network system (Medium): with from 800 to 100 network nodes

+ Small-sized network system (Small networks): with below 100 network nodes

+ Typical set-up layout:


Installing small-sized and -sized network system(Small)                                                      Installing large-sized network system(Enterprise)