The service of all-in maintenance

C and PC network maintenance is to maintain and guarantee the operation frequently, steadily in the good conditions for the IT system. That is also to fix, prevent all mistakes from ceasing the operation of one part or the whole system in the least time.

We unlimitedly provide a variety of IT products and service packages as followed:



  • Repair and maintenance for servers and computer systems.
  • Updating antivirus programs.
  • Installing peripheral devices.
  • Checking network system.


  • WAN & LAN network installation.
  • Internal switchboard system.
  • Security system: Cameras for supervision and warning.
  • Magnetic door system.

 CUSTOMERS’ BENEFITS:                      

  • The system is of monthly checking and immediate problem-handling in the shortest time.
  • Warning about all predictable failures for handling, risk-advoiding and work interruption.
  • In case of any damage in the equipment, we will provide the alternative supportive devices during the process of maintenance and repair except the devices without alternative accessories or out of stock.
  • To reduce the costs for hiring the permanent staff for system maintenance.
  • Less time for getting contact with so many service companies for system maintenance. Thus, it makes the work run smooth as well as brings the safety to human and property.