The service of IT equipment lease

o accommodate the increasing demand for equipment together with the IT infrastructure without your original financial investment of such a huge amount as well as your care about system warranty and maintenance or arisen troubles during the operating process and also for the cost-reducing and budget-saving at the maximum, we provide such following services of IT equipment lease:

  • The systems for high configuration servers of IBM, HP, Dwell…
  • Network equipment: router, firewall, switch Cisco, D Link…
  • Available technical engineers for system warranty and maintenance as well as trouble-handling during the period of equipment lease.
  • Other office equipment.


Customers are offered various kinds of leased IT equipment in the short-term or long-term period of time for their own sakes:

  • Equipment is suitable for their purposes at optimal costs.
  • To provide the all-in equipment from setting up and installing the applications upon request (Customers shall be liable for software license if there is any).
  • To nominate experts for technical support during the time of equipment lease.
  • Cost-savings on the investment on new equipment.
  • Customers can propose their investment costs and maintain information systems.