The service of IT staff lease

he demand of PC use in the working environment in each enterprise is undeniably essential. Enclosed with PC devices is the network set-up for resources sharing, work serving…Nevertheless, PC and network devices are electronic ones, therefore, the damages in the hard part are unavoidable, mostly in the ones without periodic maintenance, regardless of the possible damages due to virus, operating system as well as improper use.

From all these incidents, another demand is arisen. That is the demand for IT staff. IT is the abbreviated word which defines all staff who fix the errors on PC, system – the operating system, software error, virus-causing errors, errors on network equipment. Besides, IT staff also take charge of periodic maintenance, suitable network solution recommendations for the enterprises.




  • Immediate trouble-solving during the working process.
  • IT staff are well-trained and professional.
  • Always keeping the best behaviors and honest attitudes.


  • Enterprises need not care about salary or benefits for IT staff.
  • Such IT staff will surely perform all assigned tasks that an IT staff is supposed to do.
  • Customers have the right to make change for another employee in case of their dissatisfication.
  • To be offered the very reasonable and competitive prices as well as extremely low costs.