The service of Email Marketing

ith the strong increasing development of Internet and e-commerce, people take advantage of all the outstanding characteristics of Email for their applications in business on the Internet. This really brings the remarkable results.

To acquire an effective Email Marketing Strategy, you certainly have to spare such a great deal of time and labour force. For this, SOMOTNET will help you quickly catch up with the most basic issues for a smooth starting –up with five following notices:




The process of Email Marketing:



Defining the aim of Email Marketing Strategy:

The most important reasons for such a project performance include the introduction of new services and products, the suggestion for turnover increase or the release of surplus products, or the brand improvement and brand awareness with potential customers.

Building the list of Emails:

  • Gather all into a list of emailing receivers including potential customers. The success of the strategy lies on the scope of accessible customers, which marks the key step to launch a successful email marketing. There are a variety of ways to build a list of emails. You can spare an area in the website which Visistors can enter their email addresses and get their promotions. You can use the legal service of email list supply from the third party for time and cost saving.

Defining the forms of Email Marketing

Emails on the commercial promotions and news are the most popular marketing email strategy. One email for commercial promotion and product adverstiment frequently is enclosed with some special promotion/ discount to receivers. News is the more frequent activity, which is the common way of communication for customers to get updated on the products, offers and new information from the company.

Designs of some factors in the email

For the purpose of a strong email marketing strategy, you can use some different ways for design. You can send an email with stylish standard together with simple theme. Or you can design one more excellent strategy than the use of email list system. Or you can also use a special software to create a eye-catching unique style which demonstrates the company face or services unforgettably.

Schedule and time for email sending

The time when emails are received and lie on the inbox of receivers is very important for the rate of email views, clicks on the links and transfer. If emails are on the first or prior position, the chance of email opening is different. Emails related to work should be sent to receivers at the beginning of working days. Emails related to individual products/ services should be sent in the free time.

Measurement, statistics and report

Current softwares of email marketing almost own the functions of basic measurement related to the action of email sending. Besides, it should be combined with other parameters related tko the efficiency of websites and target websites.


With the aim at our immediate support for your lauching email marketing strategy, we would like to offer adequate functions for you to create, deploy, manage the contact lists and review statistical reports.

  • Sending emails to a number of clients in the contact list at the same time.
  • Creating professional emails with well-captured images and styles.
  • Comprehensive tracking & reporting on your emails.
  • Being integrated with social networking, automatically sending pre-scheduled emails and more amazing things
  • To help you get connection with customers in the most efficient way.
  • Time-saving, less cost – more benefits, and more extreme efficiency.