The service of IT & Server room removal

ith various experiences in set-up deployment and management in such a variety of large-scaled projects, SOMOTNET gives many detailed solutions, consults, does the system planning, makes the proposals and deploys the server system removal as well as the data center removal of many large groups during the last ten years.



SOMOTNET accommodates these following requirements:

  • During the time of removal execution, the operation of the whole network and telephone system should be in good maintenance to guarantee the trading conditions of customers.
  • During the execution process, there should be any disconnection in LAN network with only removed PC.
  • During the network device installation, re-checking and re-installing the LAN network and internal transmission link will be done in the rolling form (as any room is under construction, it should be completely finished prior to moving to another one.
  • All connection signals of Server and Router should be disconnected possibly in the shortest time for the system removal.
  • The removal of server, network equipment, network Rack cabinets will be performed at nights and at weekends in order not to affect the business activity.


  • Survey on the current system state.
  • Survey on upcoming relocated place.
  • Detailed survey on equipment and cable system.
  • Consultation – discussion on how to implement the customer details.
  • Making the detailed proposals
  • Planning the progress of construction.
  • Getting the agreement on the proposals with customers’ IT department.
  • Signing the contracts.
  • Implementing the construction.
  • Testing the signal terminal and running the trial system.
  • Acceptance – hand-over.