The service of video conference

owadays Video Conference System is an expanding service in the IP infrastructure. The aim of exploiting this system is to exploit the current common and popular services which allow the headquarters and their own subsidiaries at a distance can exchange and communicate with each other not only by oral but also by image. For this form, many companies can join at the same time, which leads to a unified system on the overall network system.



Understanding the outstanding benefits of Polycom video conferencing technology as well as fulfilling the real needs of our potential customers, the proposal of building the video conferencing system to connect Ha Noi and Ho Chi Minh are being made in order to not only reach the aims set by the conference but also to serve the requirements on meetings, management, efficiency on network exploitation and cost-savings as well.


  • Presentations in Powerpoint, Word, Excell, PDF ...
  • Remote Desktop.
  • Screen sharing.
  • Website information sharing.
  • Video recording for meeting clips.
  • Interactive chat - Instant messaging
  • File- sharing in all formats.
  • Idea- expressing registration function.
  • Automatic warnings to poor connections.
  • API function of intergrated support into available website.
  • Multi-point conferences.
  • Support in HD standard video resolution.
  • Support in video in Picture in Picture
  • Automatical attendance-checking and full screen video.
  • Support in two separate screens - Dual screen.
  • Video print screening.
  • Speech rights of liver function via keyboard shortcuts.
  • Group discussion.
  • Whiteboard.


Personal broadcasting conferences: (personal- refer to the introduction of Web conference service)

  • Small-scaled for one-person use.
  • Regularly intergrated in personal computer, either Desktop or Laptop.
  • Containing one software for broadcasting conferences and resources such as Webcams, Headphones.

Studio broadcasting conferences (Middle Class)

  • Medium-scaled, suitable for group discussions.
  • Specialized range of products for broadcasting conferences.
  • Suitable for enterprises with a wide range of office representatives.

Large-scaled broadcasting conferences (Classroom)

  • Specialized solution for large-scaled broadcasting conferences.
  • These ranges of products are extremely various, fulfilling all the requirements of broadcasting conferences in all fields.
  • Often designed synchronously for all supporting equipment in the broadcasting conferences.